Choose a bioclimatic pergola,
the sun protection to fully enjoy your outdoor space

A bioclimatic pergola, the outdoor lifestyle

The bioclimatic pergola is a sun shading solution allowing you to enjoy the comfort of living outdoors all year round. Design and functional, your aluminum pergola offers you additional outdoor space to your home. An additional room to enjoy every moment, protected from the rays of the sun or from climatic variations. Lightweight yet durable, with refined and timeless lines, the high-performance and easy-to-use features of your sun shading system perfectly adapt to your living space. Regardless of the type of building you live in.

Our islands, havens of beauty with captivating landscapes, are sweet delights and promises of a sublime outdoor lifestyle. But things can get spicy: when they are subject to weather changes, as unpredictable as they are short-lived. Indeed, if the sun dominates in the West Indies, one also needs to deal with the rains and gusts, regardless of the seasons. So it is good to be able to take cover from the heat or from climatic hazards under a comfortable and secure bioclimatic pergola. An outdoor space that honors the aesthetics of your environment, like the taste of outdoor living.

Take advantage of the many benefits of bioclimatic pergolas

Your bioclimatic pergola with aluminum structure and equipped with Renson adjustable louvered roof – sold and installed by Sunny Dom-, is a sun shade solution of great added value that offers many benefits:

  • An additional, scalable outdoor living space. You customize your bioclimatic pergola to your desires or needs;
  • Added aesthetic value to your home thanks to the elegance of the aluminum structure of the bioclimatic pergola and its design roof;
  • Year-round outdoor comfort in Martinique and Guadeloupe. Thanks to the adjustable louvered roof that allows you to modulate the brightness and natural ventilation under your outdoor spaces. When it rains, pergolas with retractable blades can close completely;
  • A lower energy bill, with a bioclimatic pergola leaning against (2 columns) the facade of your building. Sun regulation limits the use of air conditioning;
  • Real budget optimization whether it is in the context of a new construction or a renovation (the price per m2 is much lower than that of a solid building), with a more flexible and modular solar installation;
  • Longer precious outdoor moments, enhanced visibility in the evening and on lighter days, with integrated LED lighting.

Reconnect with nature in all seasons with your bioclimatic pergola

Enjoy cozy comfort at the heart of your environment and a rejuvenating nature, while relaxing under your bioclimatic pergola. Attached to your home (2 columns) or in a freestanding version (4 columns), near your private pool or in your garden’s favorite spot, sit under your outdoor shelter and enjoy the moment. 

Your Renson aluminum pergola offers you more than innovative and secure sun protection, it allows you to live an exclusive emotional experience outdoors. Reconnect with the inspiring sensations that the proximity to nature offers you, while resting on your covered terrace. Take in the views well from under your bioclimatic pergola and let relaxation and outdoor good living take over!

Increasingly popular in our territories, the bioclimatic pergola invites us to enjoy moments of well-being so close to this oxygenating nature and vital source of energy.

This additional living area can also be equipped with side closures (vertical blinds, sliding panels, fixed partitions, glass walls…) to help extend the outdoor experience, in the heart of a soft cocoon, even in case of rain or gusts. Renson’s sun protection equipment that we can, according to your outdoor design needs, install independently of your bioclimatic pergola (window frame, opening of a terrace, etc.).

A bioclimatic pergola for each situation
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